About Luisa Ramos

Welcome, I am Luisa. I have only been teaching for five years now, but I have certainly learned a lot in that short time! One of the areas that I felt most unprepared for was how to teach children who are not always cooperating with me or with others.

My first set of students included a few children who were consistently rowdy and unruly, and I quickly realized that I needed some help getting them under control. I did extensive research on children’s psychology and began experimenting with new teaching techniques to better understand these children.

By the end of the year, I had learned how to prevent battles and engage these non-standard learners in our lessons in a way that was not demeaning and didn’t point out their differences for other students to notice and comment on. I practiced these techniques the next year, and learned more about the process of teaching children who do not conform to the standard mold of “good student.”

A blog dedicated to this topic would have been very helpful for me that first year, and since I couldn’t find one that I liked I decided to create one myself as a resource for other teachers. It can also be helpful for parents who have learned they have a child who is being disruptive at school. I hope that whoever you are and whatever the challenges you face with the children that you care for, you’ll find some advice and guidance here.