Getting Assistance from Parents with Difficult Students

Undoubtedly one of the most difficult things about being a teacher is having to approach a parent about a difficult child. Many parents are aware that they have a child who is difficult to direct and control, but there are parents out there who seem to turn a blind eye and get offended when you suggest their child is not behaving properly in the classroom. However, it is necessary to contact parents and get their input and insight as to how to deal with their child.

Get in Direct Contact

A first step in getting a parent’s help can be a simple phone call. An email may seem like a more convenient way to approach them, but go for the voice-to-voice contact instead. The parent will be more able to understand your concerns and issues if they can hear you in your own voice, and it is easier to create a healthy discussion. For more serious issues a face-to-face meeting may be necessary, but a phone call may be an adequate first step.

Look for Solutions Together

Present your issues in a matter-of-fact manner, and then ask the parent for their own insights. Is there something the parent does to discipline the child and redirect them while at home that may be effective at school as well? Children thrive on consistency, and sometimes the problem is simply that they do not recognize the different negative consequences in each of these two places.

If the parent expresses difficultly with the same issues at home and seems at the end of their own rope, try to come up with a plan together so the parent feels like you are part of their team. You are not ganging up on the child, but you are working together to teach him or her self-control, kindness, and productivity.