Three questions to ask yourself before enrolling in a natural therapies course

Sep 11, 2014 by

Natural therapies. Hmm. The jury really is out in regards to whether or not natural therapies are an effective form of treatment. Given the huge range of therapies out there; from cupping to qigong, it’s pretty hard to give a thumbs up or down to natural therapies as a whole. However, millions of people from around the world can’t be wrong in their belief that healing can be achieved via natural holistic methods, so there’s no doubt something to it. The trick is to find out whether or not it’s for you.

Any course of study (yes, even coin rubbing) is beneficial, as there is an opportunity to learn and discover new things. What’s more, given the complementary therapies industry in Australia is now worth over $1.2 billion per annum, you might be considering a course of study in order to get a piece of that lucrative pie. If this is you, stop right there. You need to ask yourself these three vital questions before you go any further.

Question 1: Am I a hippie at heart?

Yes, it true – you need to have a bit of a hippie nature to embark on a natural therapies course. The people who run these kinds of courses are often big believers in natural therapy, not just as a treatment option, but as a way of life. They take their practices seriously. If you subscribe to a hippie ethos, then go for it; enrol in a course; any alternative therapies course. You’ll find like-minded people and learn new skills. However, if you are a bit of a sceptic who would readily choose 2 paracetamol and a fry up as a hangover cure over milk-thistle, natural therapies might not be for you. 

Question 2: Would I choose a natural therapy as my first treatment option (ahead of seeing a doctor)?

Headache?  Chest infection? Swollen joints? If your first instinct is to book in to see your GP then you may very well not be suited to natural therapy. An alternative medicine-type person would likely reach for the aromatherapy oils or herbal concoction before entertaining the notion of going to the doctor. They may not actually have a doctor.

Question 3: Do I like spreading the word?

A curious aspect of those who practice natural therapy is the manner in which they can talk endlessly about their chosen treatment method to just about anyone who’ll listen. You’ll need to get comfortable steering conversation towards natural therapy, even if you are watching the footy at your local pub. You’ll need the tenacity to keep talking even if your audience looks as though they’d rather clean the pub toilets than listen any longer. In fact, it’s best if you understand that these people in particular are the ones who desperately need your services; in fact – have some business cards handy (preferably ones featuring butterflies). 

Natural therapies definitely have a place in today’s world. However, they are not for everyone. Think seriously about your answers to these questions and I’m sure you’ll find (or avoid) the right natural therapy course for you. For more information, contact a school like Om Shanti College.

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