Signs that Your Marriage Can Benefit from Counselling

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If two people in a relationship are committed to making the relationship work, then marriage counselling can be quite beneficial. However, if one of the people in the relationship isn’t really interested in making it work, no amount of counselling is going to help. Here you can learn about some of the signs that relationship counselling may work for you and your spouse. Use the information here to evaluate your relationship so you know if the time has come to go that extra mile.

Love Still Exists

Loving someone and liking them are two different things. You can love someone and not really like them, so love is an important part of making a relationship work, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. If you love someone, but you can’t live with them or you are complete polar opposites on issues that are important to you both, it’s going to take some hard work and compromise to make things work. However, if there is no love left, then there isn’t much motivation to keep the relationship going or make it better. Do you see some of the signs of love in your marriage as described below?

  • You and your partner demonstrate or feel concern about the other’s well being.
  • There is an understanding that you both deserve to be happy.
  • There is a mutual respect between you.

You Have Good Things to Say About Each Other

One sure sign that a relationship is over is when neither of you has anything good to say about the other. Even when you’re angry, you should be able to come up with something decent to say about your partner. Ask yourself the questions below and answer them honestly to learn if you still have a solid foundation to work with in your relationship.

  • Does your spouse have any qualities you admire?
  • Does it bother you when other people talk badly about your spouse?
  • Can you name five things you respect about your spouse?
  • Are the traits you don’t like about your spouse simply annoying or do they go against your own morals?

If you can still think of things you admire or respect about your spouse and your spouse can do the same for you, then marriage counselling might help. You can learn how to get back to focusing on those traits instead of the small things that might just annoy you.

Are You Having the Same Arguments All the Time?

It can be exhausting to have the same conversations or arguments over and over. Most of the time these conversations come down to a miscommunication. You’re repeating the same things, hoping they will be understood in a different way. In the meantime, your spouse is doing the same thing. A large part of any type of relationship counselling is learning how to speak and listen to each other. What you hear or interpret might not be what the other person is really saying. Marriage counselling involves learning techniques to help you communicate with each other clearly so you can avoid these repetitive arguments that often take a heavy toll on a marriage.

Some couples go into relationship counselling with the expectation that the counselling sessions will include blaming or a quick fix. Neither of those things exist in quality counselling. However, if you are both willing to work hard and make a few changes, that alone is a good sign that marriage counselling, like that at Inner Dimensions, can work for you.

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