Fundraising Events: Finding the Child Care Centre Support You Need

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Child care centres are a vital part of every day life for most working class families. They provide a safe haven for children while the parents are away at work. The children play but also learn some very important skills. Without community support, the centres would not exist, and without the centres, many children would have fewer opportunities for early education, physical health and social and emotional growth. To get your community involved in supporting your child care centre, there are several fundraising ideas that can help.

Honouring National Holidays and Fundraising

A popular method of fundraising, you can sell items related to the holiday or season to raise money for your centre. For example, on Good Friday or the Saturday following, your centre could bake several hot cross buns with the children and then sell them to the families and community surrounding the centre. It is a fun activity for the children, a wonderful way to celebrate Easter and one excellent way to raise money for new equipment and toys for the children in the care of your centre. Sometimes mums and dads like to get involved with the baking too, which really brings people together.

Encouraging Literacy and Fundraising

Several times a year, your child care centre can effectively promote literacy through the sale of new and gently used books. Your community will recognize the efforts you are making towards improving the future educational success of the children, and the profits from the sale of the books goes directly into your support account. Many parents who have children in your centre will buy books too, when they see something they know their children will want to read or have read to them.

Raffles and Silent Auctions

Adults can purchase tickets for items they would like to win in a raffle or you can set up a silent auction. The silent auction allows adults to sign in on a piece of paper and place the bid for items they want. In both cases, the proceeds cover the costs of the items in the raffle or silent auction, and the remainder of the money helps support the needs of your centre. These types of lottery events are favorites close to the holidays because people can win items already wrapped and ready to give as gifts. However, you can conduct a raffle or silent auction any time of the year.

Volunteers Make a Difference

With all of these fundraising event ideas, the most important aspect is the number of volunteers who are willing to help. The best child care centre support comes from these volunteers, and recruiting them is not always easy. Those that volunteer to help in your centre, like The Childcare Centre Desktop, every day should be recognized publicly, as well as those who volunteer for fundraising events. Let them know how valuable they are as child care centre resources and how the centre really appreciates their help.

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